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Holiday Purses: Give Your Creativity A Go With Handmade Purse

by George Wood
So hereís the holiday time again... going out, having fun, good times. When there's a new season coming, especially a vacation many people choose to renew or at least partly change their style. One great and easy way is getting a purse that fits the season. Any ocasion: Christmas, Easter, Halloween. Popular Christmas purses include snowman purses and Christmas tree purses maybe even one looking like Santa. For Easter there are bunny rabbit purses, while for Halloween a handmade purse will do the trick.

When in need of a great looking purse to fit in with an elegant outfit at parties or receptions you can resort to sequin purses or beaded ones. Sporty looking purses should have a simpler and plain look. Many times the right purse is all it takes to be in the spotlight of attention at a party.

Look for purses in different shops and department stores. If you come out empty-handed you might want to try and go online to search for a purse. But if you want to express your very own style or if you lack the money for a good purse donít neglect the option of making your own. All you need is just a few good ideas and some fabric, it really doesnít take a rocket engineer to make a great purse. One alternative, that might not work out every time will be borrowing one of your friendsí purses.

Great gift ideas include a home made purse adapted to someoneís personal style, cardholders that look like purses or ones that hold candy, small presents and maybe even money. A very creative idea for a gift would be making a holiday purse that holds a photo of someone special. A creative gift for grandparents or godparents you can be sure it will be treasured by the reciever.

Handmade Purses: When in their teenage years, most people lack the money for everyday items, let alone classy purses. The only feasible alternative being a homemade purse, many people resort to this option. Both a test of creativity and craftsmanship, knowing that you alone did that purse will fill your heart with joy. With almost unlimited possibilities at hand it is up to you : materials, colors, style. Be sure to know what you'll use it for. Factors like strength and durability of the fabric will determine it's usability.

Christmas Tree Tote When designing a bag, start with itís theme. Choose anything from hobbies, interests, sports that you like to music bands or whatever you come up with. Next, itís time to choose a material. Different types of fabric for different styles. Start out with buying a yard of your desired fabric. You may choose between denim, cotton, silk, satin, leather ... just pick anything you like. Be sure to pick a color of your liking as most materials come in different colors.

Now itís time to get down to business. Cut a strip about 1 or 2 inches thick you might want to fold it in 2 here to increase the weight youíll be able to carry] and long about 2 times the distance between your shoulder and your hip [be make sure to buy a patch of fabric big enough.

For the actual body of the purse you got to fold the fabric until you get your ideal size. Take note, more folds increase the strength. Now itís time to seam the strap to the sides. Do so with the seam pointing down. After getting the purse itís rough shape, itís time to decorate it. Use pins, badges, pieces of old shirts with funny quotes and either sew them in or attach them with safety pins. Use spray paint to add different colors to the mix.

Now itís time to fill your purse and go out there show it off to all your friends.

About the Author
George Wood is a successful webmaster of many popular sites including crafts and blog site. If you want to read more about purses, click over to George purse site.