Dress to Impress for Under $300 – Part 2

Missphit’s Magic Formula

Christina Kwon, Missphit designer, suggests this ensemble:

1. Top – Missphit Cotton Couture at $42
This sleeveless cotton button up blouse is perfect for the upcoming heat. The fabric is lightweight and breathable but thick enough to avoid any embarrassing see-through. My favorite part of this top is the elastic ruching that criss-crosses the bottom half of the front and back of the blouse. This ruching really gives the top a fun and trendy look and best of all, creates a great looking shape. Most American cotton blouses are very boring – your only fun is whether you’re going to choose a stripe or solid. However, in Europe, many of even your most basic items need to have a twist of some sorts. I just applied that energy to this blouse and made sure I didn’t make just another simple cotton summer blouse. The embroidered artwork adds stunning too. The artists did a great job with that. I chose the white option since we’ll all be wearing a lot of white this summer. This is one of Missphit’s trendiest items and one of my personal favorites. And at only $42 bucks, we’re going to have a lot of fun putting together the rest of the outfit!

2. Bottom – Freestyle Revolution Elvis Snap Pocket Denim Jean from Torrid at $58
The blue embroidery on the Missphit top just screams for a pair of jeans. This medium-dark jean is the perfect tone for the blouse. With a white blouse, you don’t want to have too dark of a bottom because it overshadows the clean look you get from a white blouse. This jean is good because it’s not too dark but dark enough to keep up with the hipness of the top. I also like the trendy snap buttons and flap pockets on this jean.

3. Shoes – Petrolina Sandals at $129.00
Beautiful blue sandals from Aldo. Perfect color match with the top’s blue embroidery and it still stands out from the blue of the jeans because of the richness of this blue. Although white shoes are ok here, we didn’t want to overload with white accessories since our bag is going to be white too. The little mirror on the front of the sandal really dresses-up our outfit and the chunky heel is very chic. These shoes really add a needed dressy dimension to our outfit since we have a cotton top and jeans which are more associated with a casual look. Although the most pricey item in our outfit, this pair is worth it.

4. Earrings – Diamond Dust Beaded Earrings at $29
Gorgeous multi-loop earrings with beautiful beads. Again the blue on the beads go perfect with our outfit.

5. Handbag – Amarettina bag at $30
Super-cute white synthetic leather bag. The perfect accessory to our totally chic and urban look. The white bag makes up for going with the blue shoes on our outfit.

The total tally on the outfit is $288. So there you have it ladies – a super chic curvy outfit for under $300!

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