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Dress to Impress for Under $300 - Part 5
IGIGI to the Rescue

Ozlem ArpaciOzlem Arpaci, from IGIGI, presents to us three outfits, which are perfect for three indivudal figures and made for three different occasions. All for user $300.

For the Triangle Figure
Triangle figures have a smaller upper body compared to their lower body and they feature a curved in waist, shapely neck and bust and relatively slim arms. Members should dress to emphasize the middle section and waist area and de-emphasize thighs and hips by fitted and lighter color tops and darker color bottoms.
  • Work: Satin Insert Dress in Navy with Matching Belt at $87
  • Party: Polkadot Dress in Black at $106
  • Casual: Ottoman Cropped Pants in Navy at $44 and Jill Square Neck Top in Blue at $51
Total: $288

For the Hourglass Figure
Hourglasses have a harmonious silhouette with a voluptuous bust, a feminine waist and  proportionate and curvy hips. Members should play up and accentuate the face, neck and décolleté area with open collars and V-necklines and play down a heavier bottom with accentuating their waist and wearing clothes that drape over the hips.
Classic Wrap Dress in Purple
  • Work: Yoke Wrap Dress in Nautical Blue at $96
  • Party: Michelle Godet Skirt in Black/Black at $56 and Alexandra Top in Ruby at $56
  • Casual: Floral Wrap Dress in Green at $89
Total: $297

For the Inverted Triangle Figure
Inverted triangles have a top-heavy appearance with broad shoulders and upper back as well as medium to fuller bust. They feature proportionate hips, balanced thighs and shapely legs. Members should dress in lighter colors on the bottom and darker colors on the upper half to accentuate and flatter these assets.
  • Work: Classic Wrap Dress in Purple at $89
  • Party: Little Black Dress at $62
  • Casual: Crochet Skirt in Natural at $68, Tank Top in Purple at $35 and Buckle Belt in Matte Black at $29
Total: $283

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