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Personal Creations

Personal Creations' catalog is a source for high-quality personalized gifts. They have gifts for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, baptism or wedding - and no matter who's on your list - grandparent, child or spouse. The fast delivery and quality gift-boxing service are designed to simplify your shopping experience.

Every selection can be personalized in some way, either with monograms, pictures or engravings. Selections include jewelry, home furnishings, clothing, travel accessories, picture frames and toys.

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Rating: [4/5]
Order methods available? Online, phone and fax orders. (Toll free number available, please refer to Personal Creations web-site for more details).
Methods of payment accepted? Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card).
Where can orders be delivered? Worldwide
Customer service contact? Personal Creations customer care may be reached at: .
Customer testimonials: "Every personalized item I have purchased from Personal Creations has been delivered in a timely manner, correctly personalized and usually better than I anticipated from description and/or illustration." - a Personal Creations customer

"Extremely satisfied with my purchase. Brought the pictures to work and 3 people took your web address to order for themselves! Couldn't be happier!!" - a Personal Creations customer