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Mondera offers an extensive selection of fine diamonds and timeless jewelry in a secure shopping environment. An affiliate of Mouawad Inc., Mondera has resources to provide exceptional quality, value and expert advice.

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Rating: [4/5]
Order methods available? Online, fax and phone orders. (Toll free number available, please refer to Mondera website for details)
Methods of payment accepted? American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa and also personal checks.
Where can orders be delivered? Worldwide
Customer service contact? Mondera customer care may be reached at: (800)MONDERA.
Customer testimonials: "I was impressed with the quality & presentation of my gift. It was sophisticatedly wrapped and my business associate loved it." - a Mondera customer

"I would recommend Mondera to anyone in the market for a diamond. Their website is highly informative and very helpful in choosing the diamond that I wanted." - a Mondera customer