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Esprit US A team of international designers translates the Esprit attributes into regular collections self-confidently, naturally, stylishly and sensually: twelve collections are produced for six order dates per year and product line for Women Collection, Men Casual, Kids, edc youth, Shoes + Accessories and Esprit Sports Women, Men + Kids; the twelve edc and Women Casual collections can be ordered monthly. Four collections are produced a year for Esprit Body wear and Men Collection.

Esprit invests continuously in quality and fit - high standards that are also maintained in manufacture. "Our customers expect us to produce contemporary, high quality and yet affordable goods", explains Heinz Krogner. "And not only do we have to do so, but we have to make sure we do so continuously and over a long period of time".

Esprit offer FREE SHIPPING to the whole USA by Standard Shipping. Standard Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii via Priority Mail

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Rating: [2/5]
Order methods available? Online
Methods of payment accepted? Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card).
Where can orders be delivered? U.S. (including FPO/APO addresses)
Customer service contact? Esprit US customer care may be reached at: .