20 Plus Size Halloween Costumes Under $50

By on October 10, 2013
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Halloween is almost with us, and many are currently looking around for that perfect new costume to wear this year! Thanks to the various online stores available online like CostumeCraze.com and CostumeKingdom.com there are now many options available to us plus size ladies when it comes to choosing a new Halloween costume.

Furthermore, thanks for this wide array of options, a new costume doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! There are many, many different options available that are truly a bargain.

In this post I want to help you find some of the best full figured Halloween costumes that are very affordable. In fact, all 20 variations featured in this post all cost less that $50, with many actually priced at less than $30. So this will hopefully help you widen your options for Halloween this year, without expanding your budget!

Plus Size Witch Halloween Costume - Goth Maiden Witch
Goth Maiden Witch
Price: $47.95
Planning on poisoning an apple or two? Or are you thinking that girl in the Dorothy costume just needs to be taken down a peg or two. Then get your uniform on with this Plus Size witch Halloween Costume! This plus size Goth Maiden Witch costume will give you a classic yet classy look this Halloween! Heads will turn as you prepare your book of spells for those who may dare test you! Grab the Plus Size Witch Halloween Costume today! You’ll be the Goth Maiden Witch none dare cross!

Halloween Plus Size Witch Costume - Sexy Tattered Witch
Sexy Tattered Witch
Price: $29.95
Flying broom? Check. Book of spells? Check. Witch costume? No? Then get into character with this Halloween Plus Size Witch Costume! This Sexy Tattered Witch outfit will give you that traditional witch look that’s not only classic and sexy, but will also have everyone at your Halloween party green with envy! Unless, of course, you cast a curse on them, then that’s why they’re green. The choice is, of course, yours! Grab the Halloween Plus Size Witch Costume today! You’ll be the Sexy Tattered Witch all will be jealous of!

Plus Size Adult Pirate Costume - Pirate Costumes
Pirate Costume
Price: $32.31
This Plus Size Pirate Costume includes the pirate costume shirt with attached vest, pants, waist sash and head scarf.

Adult Plus Size Southern Belle Costume - Civil War Costumes
Southern Belle Costume
Price: $38.47
This Southern Belle Full Figure Costume includes hat, Southern Belle costume dress & belt. This Southern Belle Full Figure Costume is available in size Women’s Full (16-20). The umbrella and gloves are sold separately.

Plus Size Pirate Halloween Costume - Deluxe Pirate Lady
Deluxe Pirate Lady
Price: $44.95
Sail the Seven Seas for fame and fortune! Cruise the Caribbean for plunder in style with this Plus Size Pirate Halloween costume, and never turn back! Send those scurvy dogs who deny you entry into Davy Jones’ Locker with an attitude that will turn everybody green with envy! No quarter is asked in this Deluxe Pirate Lady outfit, and none shall be given. In this Plus Size Pirate Halloween Costume, live the life of freedom on the open waters for a daring ride of swashbuckling and danger! A Deluxe Pirate Lady’s outfit for an adventurous spirit! Take no prisoners!

Egyptian Halloween Costume - Plus Size
Egyptian Halloween Costume
Price: $37.95
Everyone is going to love this great Egyptian Halloween Costume. It is perfect for any a night out with some friends or if you just want to show some Halloween spirit around the office. This three-piece Egyptian Halloween Costume comes with a long white dress that goes all the way down to the ankle and features some great gold detail with designs at the hem of the sleeves. The costume also comes with a great headpiece and an awesome Egyptian collar. Look and feel great in this wonderful costume this Halloween.

Plus Size Vampire Halloween Costume - Immortal Seductress
Immortal Seductress
Price: $39.95
The swish of her hips as she saunters into the room, the sound her breath makes as she finds her prey, the pain of her love bites… all these things make the Immortal Seductress irresistible. For an alluring costume this Halloween to show off your Undead attributes, you need the Plus Size Womens Vampire Costume! Our Plus Size Womens Vampire Costume comes with a slinky, floor-length, ebony dress with knee-high slit and a crimson ribbon trim under the bust! The dress has a low V-neck above the ribbon! This also comes with black glovelettes with attached gossamer cape and a black choker with hanging charm! No man will be able to withstand your charms in this gorgeous Immortal Seductress costume!

Devil Halloween Costume - Devilina Plus Size
Devilina Costume
Price: $33.95
In search of some fire and brimstone to complete your devilish disguise this Halloween? What the Hell! This plus size Devilina Devil Halloween Costume is just what you’re looking for. This wicked wardrobe features a fiery red dress and flame like tatters at the bottom with ruby red sequined sleeves and collar. The headband piece includes a pair of ruby red sequined horns to bring out the mischievous mistress in you this Halloween! Everyone will be on their naughtiest behavior when they see you in this delectably demonic decor. With this plus size Devilina Devil Halloween Costume, you’ll have the perfect finishing touch to be that fiendishly feisty fallen angel this Halloween season!

Plus Size Medusa Halloween Costume
Medusa Costume
Price: $38.95
Who’s the sexy siren with the power to turn men into stone? Why, itssss Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons! Our Plus Size Medusa Halloween Costume comes with a black crushed velvet dress with gold trim. It even has attached gold arm bands and see-through veils! This also comes with a headpiece with snake design and center bauble! This costume will slither into your heart! So be the serpentine seductress and bring this Plus Size Medusa Halloween Costume home today!

Witch Halloween Costume - Plus Size
Witch Halloween Costume
Price: $43.95
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! In need of the right piece to round out your witch wardrobe this Halloween? Then this plus size Witch Halloween Costume is just what you’re looking for*This magical masquerade features a long, raven black and violet dress tattered at the edges, with bell sleeves and a violet belt. Also included is a long, pointy black hat with violet band so everyone will know who’s cooking up spells of fun this Halloween*With this plus size Witch Halloween Costume, you’ll have the perfect disguise for that seductive sorceress this Halloween season!

Purple Hooded Robe Plus Size Costume - Halloween Costume
Purple Hooded Robe Costume
Price: $29.25
This Deluxe Purple Hooded Robe includes the black and purple robe with the attached hood and lace up ties. Great as a Vampire Costume!

Retro Miss Mouse Plus Size Costume - Halloween Costumes
Retro Miss Mouse Costume
Price: $36.95
This fun Retro Miss Mouse Plus Size Costume includes the dress with attached apron with card suit appliques, matching gloves, and the matching mouse ear headband.

Plus Size Elegant Witch Costume - Halloween Costumes
Elegant Witch Costume
Price: $26.17
This Elegant Witch Costume includes the full length black plus size witch costume dress with long flowing sleeves and with the attached belt and buckle and the matching witch hat with the buckle. Broom available separately.

Madame Butterfly Plus Size Costume - Oriental Costumes
Madame Butterfly Costume
Price: $33.87
Charming and demure, this pink kimono is full of Asian flare! Includes the long pink kimono printed with various chinese characters, black trim, and the obi (belt). Dress your date up as a Samurai for a great couples look!

Plus Size 50's Poodle Skirt Costume - Fifties Costumes
50′s Poodle Skirt
Price: $29.25
Head down to the sock hop in this classic 1950′s Poodle Skirt Costume! Includes the pink skirt with a white poodle applique and the black 3/4 sleeve top and the neck scarf.

Plus Size Angelic Devil Lady Adult Costume - Angel or Devil Costumes
Angelic Devil Lady Costume
Price: $27.71
This adult Angelic Devil Lady Costume includes the crushed panne dress with a white top and sheer sleeve with marabou trim at the cuff and collar, sheer red short sleeve, and red tatter-cut asymetrical hem, the headband with metallic red devil horns and white marabou halo, and the split-personality red and white wings. Pitchfork available separately.
Plus Size Brilliantly Bewitched Witch Costume - Halloween Costumes
Brilliantly Bewitched Witch Costume
Price: $31.56
This adult Plus Size Brilliantly Bewitched Costume includes the black and purple dress and the witch hat.
Gypsy Rose Plus Size Costume - Halloween Costumes
Gypsy Rose Costume
Price: $29.25
This beautiful Gypsy Rose Plus Size Costume includes the dress with attached slip, and the matching hair accessory.

Plus Size Magical Witch Costume - Halloween Costumes
Magical Witch Costume
Price: $39.26
This Plus Size Magical Witch Costume includes the black-to-purple gradiated empire waist dip ombre witch’s gown and the matching reverse gradiated purple-to-black witch hat.

Plus Size Deluxe Mother Nature Adult Costume - Halloween Costumes
Deluxe Mother Nature Costume
Price: $43.11
This adult Mother Nature Costume includes the full-length gown with a leaf-green crushed panne bust, off-the-shoulder top accented with green ivy, sheer tatter-cut sleevers in green and brown, faux lace-up bodice, long grey-green skirt and sheer overlays of light green, reddish-brown and deep grey. Truly a gown fit for a Goddess! Available in Womens size 16W-24W.

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