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Missphit Plus Size ClothingEntrenched in the heart of L.A.'s rising world fashion scene, Missphit designs solely for the fashion forward girl who is selective with her fit. Missphit's styles come from a talented team of designers who constantly search the world for ideas and inspiration. The "phit" comes from 20 years of design and manufacturing experience for the plus size woman.

Missphit emphasizes quality with a designer's eye for details. Finally, here's a line that listens to what the unique girl wants. Finally, here's a line in your style, your phit.

This plus size fashion line is definitely a rising star, and I am sure we will have many stylish full figured clothing options coming our way from the talented team over at Missphit. If you've never heard or them, visit their website today to find out more. Also read our own review of Missphit plus size clothing.

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Rating: [5/5]
Order methods available? Check out for details on how to purchase Missphit items.
Methods of payment accepted? Check out for details.
Where can orders be delivered? U.S. and U.K. Also consult with their website for other possible locations.
Customer service contact? Missphit customer care may be reached at:
Customer testimonials: "Awesome blouses. People stop & ask where I got them & I tell them what product it is & where to get it.  Thank you. I love all of them & they are so comfortable." - Angie, Dallas, TX

"Thank you so  much, I love your blouses - they are beautiful!  I put them on, and they are fabulous, they fit wonderful, you guys are very talented!" - Sheila, Grand Rapids, MI