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If you have you ever felt completely confused, unsure about which swimsuit style would best suit your figure, you have come to the right place!

Many, many times, after making the wrong choices when buying swimsuits, I ended up thinking that shopping for plus size swimwear was an absolute nightmare! However, through experience and many years of research I have learnt that...

Shopping for plus size swimwear can be a breeze when you know what swimsuit styles suit your figure, and which stores carry the best plus size swimwear.

This summer I have decied to share my secrets with all full figured women out there, in a newly release ebook, so you too can find the swimsuit you have been looking for. Called the Essential Plus Size Swimwear Guide, in this new guide you will discover:

What Different Types of Swimsuit Styles Exist

The Pros and Cons Of Different Types of Fabric Used in Swimwear

What Type of Swimsuit to Choose to Flatter Your Curvy Figure

Whether You Can Wear Swimsuits with Prints

How to Accessorize for the Beach

Where to Buy Stylish Plus Size Swimwear

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And because I am feeling very generous today, I am also including a Special Report, compiled by a top expert within the plus size fashion industry, again ABSOLUTELY FREE! This Special Report gives you all the details on what's hot and what's not in swimwear fashion this season.

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