Anna Nicole – from Jahqoi, Inc. and ANR Apparel

By on December 31, 2009
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Anna Nicole of interviews Anna Nicole from ANR Apparel, a plus size fashion designer on the road to success.

Over here at we are always on the look out for new plus size fashion and designers on the scene. Luckily enough we managed to get hold of one of a somewhat new name in the plus size fashion scene for an interview; although fresh, this name we now know is synonymous with style, class and lots of sass! Ladies, meet Anna Nicole, a plus size clothing designer who launched her line ANR Apparel online in 2004. Earlier this year Anna founded Jahqoi, Inc, which now serves as the parent corporation of ANR Apparel.

Pasazz: Tell us a little bit about where you come from… where are you from?

Anna: Detroit, Michigan, but I’ve lived in California ever since I was 5 years old.

Pasazz: How did an interest in fashion arise… and when did you first start designing and making clothes?

Anna: Well, I’ve been sewing since I was 12, I took a class in it when I was 13, and then I began making clothes off and on ever since. I didn’t know how to draft patterns, so I would just take measurements, and draw lines on fabric, and then cut it out and sew it together. I didn’t learn how to draft patterns, and drape, until I attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College in Jan 2000. I graduated in December, 2001 with a Certificate of Completion in Fashion Design.

Pasazz: Tell us a little more about ANR apparel… what is the aim of the venture?

Anna: In June 2004 I began ANR apparel as an online retail store where I would sell the designs that I create. I started it because I wanted to finally give the plus size women of today more choices of plus size clothing. I wanted to offer apparel that had the same quality and distinction as the regular size high fashion designers. I have recently changed the name to Jahqoi, although at the moment it is a name only used for wholesale. I am planning on moving the retail site over the Jahqoi site. Jahqoi when spelled correctly means: ‘I believe’ in French. Jahqoi, Inc. plans as a company to go far into the retail world, where there will be accessories, handbags, shoes, lingerie, perfume… home collection… Jahqoi plans on going into every arena.

Pasazz: What are you favorite styles and fabrics?

Anna: I LOVE contemporary, modern, sassy styles. I love all natural high quality fabrics such as: silk, linen, cotton, and combinations… like silk/linen; silk/cotton and any other types that are soft, and have a flowy drape to it.

Pasazz: I was always curious about this… how long does it take you to actually make (sew) the clothes?

Anna: Well it begins with a sketch, you look at the fabric you’ve purchased, and you design from it. Once you have the idea, you use a basic block to draft whatever kind of garment it is. Then you cut it out in the fabric, and then either you sew it, or you take it to a contractor to sew it. You bring the sketch and sewing instructions, and that’s how the contractor knows what to do. It all depends on the design, but it could take quite a while to develop a design… weeks, or some times even months. It took me almost a year to finally get my pants block just right.

Pasazz: What’s your favorite aspect of being a plus size fashion designer?

Anna: My favorite aspect of being a plus size designer is that fact that I can finally do something about the problem plaguing the plus size fashion world today. I love that I am part of the solution, and that I’m not just complaining about it. I also love the fact that I can see my ideas come to fruition. I can see an idea in my head, and actually create it, where it exists for all the world to see.

Pasazz: … what about the least favorite things about it?

Anna: My least favorite thing about it is that it is still a business. You have to worry about advertising and how many sales you’ve made.

Pasazz: How does what you wear affect how you feel?

Anna: What I wear affects how I feel a great deal, because when I put on a garment I have made it gives me a great sense of pride in what I have accomplished. Also, whenever I put on something that makes me feel soft, feminine, and a little sexy, I’m happy, it changes my outlook for the whole day.

Pasazz: What’s your favorite food?

Anna: Pepperoni Pizza, chicken wings and macaroni and cheese. Although I love more elegant meals also, like seared ahi tuna and sun dried tomato pasta.

Pasazz: And your favorite place in the world?

Anna: Home.

Pasazz: Who’s your inspiration?

Anna: Carolina Herrera; I think that she is the epitome of grace, sophistication, and sensuality, her designs are utter perfection to me.

Whilst thanking Anna for taking the time to hold this interview with, I wish her all the best of luck for the future. Her designs have a sense of style and sophistication, I’m sure she has a very successful career ahead! Be sure to visit Anna and here designs at and

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