Women’s Plus Size Summer Fashion Guide

by Bridget Webber

When summertime comes many plus size women fear revealing more flesh than usual. Their poor body image or concern over whether fashionable clothing will look good on them can result in them adopting large, loose clothing in an attempt to hide from prying eyes.

In truth summer fashion can look just as great on women who are plus size women as it can on smaller women. All that’s required for this to be so is confidence, along with style insight regarding how to maximize prized features while playing down less favored ones.

Take off an Inch! Braided Plus Size Surplice Slimsuit by Carol Wior?Swimming Costumes

Swimsuits come in many different designs, just as women come with different body shapes. Certain styles look good on slimmer women, while others help show off plus size curves. Which will look fantastic on an individual woman depends on her body shape and where she carries most of her weight.

An apple shape lady who is rounder on her middle and bottom half can improve the appearance of her body shape by wearing a swimsuit which emphasizes her bust, while reducing the appearance of her bottom and thighs and helping to make her waist more visible. A dark, all in one bathing costume with a lighter, structured top half will be most attractive, while bikinis and tankinis should be avoided.

Women with a pear shape figure on the other hand will look great in a tankini with a sleeveless tee shirt style top and bottoms which resemble shorts. Ladies with an ample bust but smaller hips, bottom and thighs will look best in a skirted swim suit with a built in bra top which doesn’t emphasize cleavage.

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses can help plus size women feel fresh and cool. Those made of natural fibers, such as cotton or silk can help keep body temperature down too. Empire line dresses which gather under the bust-line hide a large tummy area, while fitted dresses with a wide band around the middle and an A line skirt shape can make a woman appear to have more of an hourglass figure.


Many people opt for shorts as comfortable wear during the summer months. Tight and tiny shorts should be avoided by a plus-size woman as they will only serve to make her appear larger than she is around the bottom and the top of her legs. Shorts which end just above the knee will be more flattering.

Freesia Eyelet Plus Size SkirtSkirts

Skirts with a structured waistband which end just below the knee are far more flattering on a plus-size woman than those with an elasticized waist which are short, or extremely long. Pencil skirts can look fabulous on a woman with curves when worn with a matching summer jacket.


Trousers, or pants as they are sometimes called, need to have a structured waist and be free of unnecessary details such as pockets and zips. Those which button to the side with a flat or pleated front help a woman to look sleek and slim, and trousers which have a waistband ending at the belly button, rather than lower, are particularly attractive.


There are a variety of summer top styles, some of which are better for a plus size woman than others. Those which are especially loose make a woman’s top half and hip area seem larger, where-as fitted tops do the opposite. Tent shaped tops, tunics and blouses with fussy frills are best left out of the equation.

Avenue Tonilla Buckle Wedge Sandal (Wide Width)Accessories and Shoes

Platform heels are far more structured and stable for walking on than kitten heels and stilettos, and are fashionable too. Flip flops are only really suitable for the beach, but espadrilles and leather sandals can be worn easily with pretty summer fashion on most occasions.

Hats are not only useful for helping to block out the suns harmful rays, but they can also help to make an outfit appear more polished. A large, floppy, wide brimmed hat worn with dark sunglasses, a silk scarf tied to the side and a large canvas bag can complete a summer look for a fashionable plus size woman.

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