Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer – An Essential Tip

Maxi dresses have been in fashion for quite a while now. I remember even last summer seeing many ladies wearing gorgeous maxi dresses, they were quite the must have item. Well it seems like this trend is still going strong, and these type of dresses remain a must have item for Spring and Summer this year.

I must say I am one to have mixed feelings about this trend. I love how maxi dresses look in general, they are so feminine, have a gorgeous flow to them, most come is fun prints and they look super comfortable on the whole as well! However I think they do not suit all body types, including mine. Maybe the maxi dresses I tried one where the wrong ones? Not sure, but I remember when I tried one one I felt like I was wearing a tent. Mine you this particular one have a very wide pleated skirt. So that wasn’t a great first try.

Even though I am apprehensive about them, I love the way they look and I am adamant that one will have to suit me and flatter my figure. I think the key element plus size women need to remember when looking for maxi dresses, is that the actual skirt needs to be moderately wide… it should not make you look like a walking tepee, but it have to hug your figure, but still be slightly flowing.

I came across these three plus size maxi dresses from Yours Clothing which seem to fit the bill, and I am very tempted to order the animal print one, show below. Have a look at these options… which one is your favorite? It is also the animal print one? And what is, in your opinion as a plus size lady, your feeling towards maxi dresses?

Animal Print Chiffon Maxi Dress

This piece features a shirred bust, with shoulder straps and an all over animal print in black and white. This make a perfect summer addition to your closet! Team it up with a bag, some funky jewelry, sandals and you’re good to go!
Available in sizes 16 to 32 (UK sizes, which should be 14 to 30 in US), and currently retails at £30 (approx $45)

Multi-Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress

This plus size maxi dress comes in a colorful print, with cross over bust, halter neck, waistband detail and shirred stretch at the back.
It is available in sizes 16 to 32 (UK sizes, which corresponds to around 14 to 30 in US sizing), and currently retails at £25 (approx $38)

Floral Print Chiffon Maxi Dresses

This is another maxi dress featuring a shirred bust, shoulder straps and this is an all over floral print. Florals are very popular this season, so make sure to give this piece a closer look.
Currently available in sizes 16 to 32 (UK sizes, which corresponds to around 14 to 30 in US sizes), and retails at £30 (approx $45)

Always consult size charts before purchasing ladies, to ensure you choose the right size for you.

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