How to Tie Up the Monif C Convertible Dress – Part 1

The convertible dress is Monif C’s best selling garment. It’s available in a multitude of colors and you can tie up this dress in over 50 different ways. If you have looked at this dress before, where tempted at buying it, and then got discouraged because you thought it would be way too complicated to tie up on your own, then you have to watch Monif C’s latest video. In this Monif C talks about hoe you can tie up the convertible dress, and an actual customer shows you ways how to tie this up in your own.

To be honest I am one of those who were once very tempted to purchase this convertible dress, but thought it was way too complicated. Though this video definitely shed some hope! I haven’t bought it yet… but I am thinking about it! Will definitely keep you updated.

Watch out for part 2 of the video coming up tomorrow, which shows your even more ways how to tie up this dress.