12 Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are out of ideas this year about what to wear this Halloween, well you better get your thinking caps on as the dark night is now very nigh! But do not worry. You will not have to think too hard to come up with a unique and fun idea for a costume to parade around in this Halloween.

Today we’re outlining 12 different costume ideas which should inspire you to enjoy this year’s Halloween to the full. You will enjoy wearing your brand new costume, and wowing your friends and family with your choice.

1. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz: A very cute an original idea, which is rarely seen. If you want to choose a character which everyone will recognize, and yet opt for a comfortable and low fuss costume (which will still make a great impression), then this is the one for you. , especially if you already own a pair of red shiny shoes.

2. Military Pinup Girl: Again a unique costume idea, which will definitely work this season. Show your support for the troops and get yourself in this khaki camo outfit.

3. Cop Costume: A traditional costume, though an ever popular winner. You definitely cannot go wrong with this one! If you manage to fine a comfy outfit in the form of a dress perhaps, instead of the usual pants, you are all set for a fun and comfortable night out.

4. Fairy Costume: A popular with the young ones, as well as older folks! This is a fun outfit, one which lets you make the most of accessorizing. Equip yourself with a tiara, pair of wings and perhaps also a magic wand and you will be magically perfect.

5. Pirate Costume: With all the rage of pirate movies lately, this classic costume has made a big comeback in the recent years. For good reason too! Definitely a fun and colorful option to go for.

6. Little Bo Beep: Make sure you do not lose any sheep when wearing this cute outfit! If you feel like turning into a young little girl again for a few hours, then go ahead and try this one out. I am sure it will be good fun, and will definitely impress friends and family.

7. Snow White: This is one of the classics, which deserves a mention in any Halloween costumes list. No matter how many years go by, this one never grows old. So if you feel like playing it ‘traditional’ this year, Snow White is a worthy option.

8. Alice in Wonderland: Be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole when wearing this cure plus size costumer, which as tradition has it, should be light blue. This one is in my favorite books for sure.

9. Sailor: Be the prettiest one on the pier with this lovely sailor costume. Be original and opt for a costumer which comes as a dress, instead of the traditional shirt and pants.

10. Little Red Riding Hood: Another one of the more classic and traditional costumes, this one falls within my favorites as well. Just be careful of the big bad wolf when wearing this one!

11. Flight Attendant: Do you want to be completely original and unique? Then go for this this retro stewardess outfit. I’m pretty positive no one will match you up if you wear this costume at a Halloween do.

12. Gothic Victorian Mistress: Be the lady of the dark night in this black, gloomy, and yet quite chic costume. Definitely a good choice for anyone wanting to cover up and keep cozy, without sacrificing style and glamour.

So there you have it, 12 original Halloween costume ideas which should surely help you figure out which costume you will be wearing this year. All the costumes mentioned in our article are available in plus sizes in various online store. I recommend visiting Torrid, as they currently carry all the above in sizes 1x to 4x, at affordable prices.

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