Who is Chloe Marshall?

OK I admit, I am probably the last one in the plus size blogging industry to report on Chloe Marshall, but ah things have been super duper hectic lately. I am only now getting back into regular postings and regular email checks. So although this news it rather late, I thought it was too important not to mention on the scoop simply because it’s not hot off the press. So apologies in advance if you’ve read up on this before.

Chloe Marshall is a young lady from Englad who is breaking boundaries, challenging stereotypes, and a person who have a very bright future ahead.

A 17 year old from Gulford, UK, Chloe has become the first ever size 16 (that’s size 14 US) model to be selected a finalist for the Miss England competition. Chloe, who is a beauty therapist student, beat seven other slimmer girls to the title of Miss Surrey and will therefore now run in the national finals.

Although plus size ladies, and all real women, are super ecstatic about this breakthrough, and genuinely happy for Chloe’s success, there are some others who think Chloe does not really deserve to hold her title.

One opinion in particular which made most noise, and caused a lot of discussion (and with reason!), was published on the Daily Mail by Monica Grenfell. You guys seriously have to read the article to believe the kind of things this ‘dietician’ claimed. It is absolutely appalling, and she should completely be ashamed to call herself a real woman. After reading this make sure you head on to Kate Harding’s awesome respone. Kate you rock!

So as you might imagine, I think Chloe should be very proud of her achievement and I wish her the best of luck for the finals. I am sure she has a very bright future ahead.

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