Road Trip: Old Navy's New Collection

Are you bound for the beach or boardwalk? Old Navy has just launched a brand new collection which it has dubbed the ‘Roadtrip Collection‘. This new collection is definitely one to take a closer look at, as it offers pretty summer looks for all your warm-weather pastimes. What I mostly love is that these latest summer looks are also available in Women’s Plus, sizes 16-30.

I think it’s great how Old Navy are really trying hard to take care of their plus size customers in 2008. It’s a good effort, and I definitely encourage them to keep it up and keep the cute plus size styles coming!

Don’t forget that Old Navy offers free returns on all women’s plus styles, as well as $5 flat rate shipping on all orders. Pretty neat.

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3 Responses to “Road Trip: Old Navy's New Collection”

  1. Jenny says:

    I guess I don’t see Old Navy “taking care of” the plus size consumer, since they pulled their entire plus size collections from their stores, and the only way they can be obtained is through mail order. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really enjoy buying clothes without first trying them on. I used to buy a lot at Old Navy, since their clothes are so cheap, they’re good for when you’re transitioning through sizes while losing weight. But, ever since they took their clothes out of the stores, I don’t really want to patronize them.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Jenny, Thanks for commenting :) True Old Navy’s move to remove their plus size line from their stores was a definite bad step from their side. However the fact that they have re-introduced the line online shows they realize they made a big mistake. Though this might not appeal to all since online shopping is not everyone’s cup of tea. They’re making baby steps, which is better than no steps I think.

  3. sara a. says:

    I know I came late to the party, but I just wanted to relay something that I observed when I was last shopping at Old Navy. They used to carry sizes 18 and 20 in stores and it wasn’t a plus size, now they don’t. I felt alienated when they took the true plus size section out of the store and now I feel even more hurt by Gap Inc. now that they’ve taken 18 and 20 out of the store. As much as I like their clothes, I don’t know if I can conscience shopping there anymore

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