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Crossing Pointe - created by women who know just what you want!

Not long ago, some women we were looking for quality clothes that didn't cost an arm and a leg. They wanted natural fabrics or natural-feeling synthetics, up-to-date styling, the best of today's looks - comfort, comfort, comfort - and reasonable prices. They searched...and searched...and came up empty-handed.

Crossing Pointe was created by women like you, working women, wives, mothers...women whose busy lives scarcely give them time to think, let alone shop.

In short, Crossing Pointe understands you. They know you want to look smart...individual...modern - neither a corporate clone nor like last year's fashions.

Crossing Pointe offers the best of today's fashion, in wonderful fabrics. Cotton. Silk. Leather, as well as the newest high tech fabrics. Impeccable tailoring. Incredible details. Sharp suits. Soft dresses. Clothes for every side of you. And all the accessories you need to express your own personal style.

And the best part? Real-world prices. No outfits that cost a month's pay. Styles that will last more than a single season. Your favorites? We hope so. True luxury: knowing you got a fantastic deal on clothes that will give you your money's worth for every hard-earned dollar. You cannot afford not to check Crossing Pointe out!

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"Just before Christmas it turned bitterly cold and I was unable to go shopping for anew winter coat. I came upon Crossing Pointe site and ordered a new wool coat. I received the coat within five days packaged very well and on hanger with a plastic sheeting covering the coat. The best part was the coat was well made, as well as reasonably priced. I paid no shipping charges. I found the customer service representative I spoke with to confirm my order to be very friendly and helpful. Give this company a try you will not regret shopping here." - Crossing Pointe Customer

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How can I order items?
Online, Mail Catalog

What payment methods are accepted?
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus and Crossing Pointe Credit

Where do you ship to?
U.S, Alaska, Hawaii

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