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How to Build a Work Wardrobe for Women

Guest post by: Elizabeth Ann West

Black Cross-Dye Elbow-Sleeve JacketWe all have stages in our lives where our clothes just do not match our new pursuits. The most common crisis for a woman’s wardrobe is starting a new job. One huge transition is from the free T-shirt craze in college to looking professional on the job. Moving from stay-at-home-Mom or college crammer to super career woman, one truth is universally present: the funds are limited for buying work clothes. Learn the basics of building a wardrobe for work so you do not waste any part of your budget on unnecessary items.

The first step is to look at your current wardrobe and set aside any pieces that are appropriate for work. Remember to take into consideration fit when determining appropriateness. Take digital pictures with your cell phone if you need to so you can find selections in stores that pair well. This is going to be your base, and it can be as large as a few button down shirts to as tiny as one pair of black pants.

Next, figure out what you need to get through one full week of work. The best wardrobes are made of pieces that are interchangeable. Even if you are someone who generally enjoys wearing flashy prints and patterns, to build a work wardrobe it is best to pick two to three key colors that go well together. The most common color families are the cools–blues, purples, grays, and blacks–or the warms– earthy browns, tans, creams, and greens. Just beginning, pick one of the two major color families to work within so you can mix and match without revealing how limited your clothing choices really are.

When selecting pieces for the work wardrobe before a paycheck, resist the urge to get anything with loud prints or highly stylized in fashion, cut, or trim. Save the flashiness for accessories; they are a much lower cost investment in case fashion changes. Simple, flattering cuts of basic colors will pair well with accessories of all types. A baby blue buttoned-down cardigan goes well with silver or gold gemstone jewelry, or a costume necklace with a multi-colored stone pendant. A boring brown jacket comes alive with a bright earthy toned scarf hung loosely under the lapels or with a pinned costume broach.

Until real money is coming in and you set aside money for monthly additions to the wardrobe, shoes are not accessories. By starting with only one of the major color families, you should only need two pairs of comfortable but classic work shoes. Eventually, we all realize we spend so much time at the office and in our work “uniform,” it is worth the boost in happiness to wear what makes us feel good. For the beginning of any work wardrobe though, the good feeling really needs to be physical when it comes to shoes, and not emotional from the cuteness.

Finally, to avoid buying “just the deals and steals,” write out the work wardrobe pieces you are looking for before you go to the stores. A small note with the number of slacks, skirts, and tops with specific color types will help you avoid a hodge podge of clothes once you are home. Sure, two of the shirts you bought were only $5 each, but perhaps they only go with one pair of pants. When one of the outfit pieces goes out of commission, either from snagging in a car door or an unfortunate coffee spill, and it puts TWO major pieces of your wardrobe on the “injury list.” It is vital when you have little to work with that all the clothing works in at least two different combinations.

It is very easy to let the excitement of a new job bleed over into buying clothes for that first week. A budget for each item will also help because it will prevent you from talking yourself into “deserving” a flashier or designer piece of clothing. Remember, until you actually start working, you have the time to really hunt and only settle for the clothes that fit perfectly, look great together, and give you the most options come Monday morning. One day you may need a bit of happiness from the clothes you wear to work to give a little motivation, but you shouldn’t need a work wardrobe to fill this role until the enchantment of “new job” wears off.

How to Transition from Summer to Fall in Style: Tune Into Tuesdays

Last week we shared with you a some tips on how you can take your summer fashions, into the fall seasonn. Well today we continue to share tips on you how can transition from summer into fall into a stylish and affordable way.

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Aussie Plus Size Model Returns from the Big Apple for Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

New York Based Model, Elizabeth Green, arrived in Sydney, Australia to star in the FIRST EVER plus size fashion parade at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival (RSFF).

Elizabeth Green - City Chic

Elizabeth was the celebrity model at the city chic parades to be held at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival event at Martin Place, on Thursday, August 20.

City Chic is a brand that designs high street fashion for young curvaceous sassy girls who are a full size 14 plus+!

Green was signed with premier modeling agency Ford Models New York in 2008 and has worked in the Big Apple for major clients including Macy’s, Kmart, Sears, JCPenny, Nordstrom, Lane Bryant and various magazines.

She says, “the Plus-Size market in the United States offers a different look and feel to Australia. With the Australian market strongly focusing on offering items that are young, sexy and on trend.  I’ve always wanted to buy garments I look and feel hot in that are similar to those my slimmer friends were purchasing and with city chic’s collection now I can!”

“For example a highlight of the city chic parade will be the launch of exclusive Ed Hardy designs for plus size girls!”

Her Australian Agent, Darrianne Donnelly owner of BGM model agency, says, “Elizabeth represents a coup for the ongoing debates surrounding the fashion industry.  Sizing up at a healthy size 14, she is breaking middle ground in an industry obsessed with measurables”.

Donnelly continues, “Having spent her formative years being told to ‘slim down’ she left the glamour of modeling to pursue her English studies at Macquarie University.  However, it wasn’t long before she was asked to return to the circuit.
The industry was changing and magazines began requesting curvier girls”

Elizabeth rebranded herself as a ‘plus size’ model and began appearing in local campaigns for Bonds, Lovable and three television campaigns for Kellogg’s Special K cereal.

Before going on the books of Ford New York, Elizabeth went to Milan.

“Sure I drew comparisons to Megan Gale, and hey who wouldn’t be flattered by that?  However, people would comment on how beautiful they though I was but also said they thought I was too big to be a model.”

“I found this confronting as the average size Australian woman is now 14 to 16. However, determined to model in Italy I became a ‘taglia piu forte’ – a plus size model and worked successfully in this market.

Green concluded, “I’m delighted to be back in Australia and to be the celebrity model for city chic at the inaugural plus size parades at RSFF.”

The Curvy Catwalk at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

Earlier this week we gave you an update on how plus size models in Australia made history when they appeared on the catwalk of the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, wearing various stylish pieces from City Chic. Today I wanted to give you more of a glimpse of what actually hit the runway that day, by presenting you with some exclusive images from the actual show. Enjoy! (Remember, click on the images to view a full size version of the photo.)

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

City Chic at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

Frugal Fridays: Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

I know it’s perhaps too early to start thinking about Halloween, but hey it’s never a bad thing to be prepared for an occasion right? So today we’re taking a look at a selection of plus size Halloween costumes for women, which will have you looking wonderfully festive, while being very mild on your budget.

Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume

Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume


Includes: Feathered headpiece, top, corset belt and skirt. Necklace not included.

Giggles The Clown Adult Plus Costume

Giggles The Clown Adult Plus Costume


Includes: Hair scrunchies, dress, bloomers and shoe covers. Gloves and makeup not included.

Rosie Riveter Adult Plus Costume

Rosie Riveter Adult Plus Costume


Includes a yarn dyed shrit with embroidery and a polka dot headband. Capri pants and shoes not included.

Pink Poodle Skirt Adult Plus Costume

Pink Poodle Skirt Adult Plus Costume


Pink Poodle Skirt includes pink skirt with poodle aplique and sequin trim. Top, neckerchief, and shoes not included. Available in Adult Plus sizes 1X and 3X.

Cleopatra Plus Adult Costume

Cleopatra Plus Adult Costume


This full-figured beauty includes long white dress with an Egyptian pattern belt, gold collar with attached sheer drape both with Egyptian pattern trim, and headband. Cleopatra wig, scepter (differs from shown), and costume shoes all sold separately.

Queen Of Hearts Plus Adult Costume

Queen Of Hearts Plus Adult Costume


Queen of Hearts costume includes dress with attached collar and headpiece. 100% Polyester exclusive of trim. Available in Adult Plus size 18-20. Playing cards, fishnet tights, and shoes not included.

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6 Steps to Finding a Good Tailor

Black Pinstriped Short-Sleeved Bow JacketCertain types of service providers are worth their weight in gold. A good hairdresser, a competent doctor, a dependable electrician, and, yes, a good tailor. If you don’t have the time to make clothing repairs such as sewing on buttons, hemming a skirt, or redoing a zipper, a good tailor is a must. Plus, you never know when you’re going to need a custom outfit for a special occasion. Be forewarned. A good tailor really is hard to find. Here are some tips for finding one:

1. Word of Mouth
This is probably the most dependable way to find a good tailor, but the key is to start looking before you need one. If you need a suit altered or a dress custom made for a special occasion, you don’t want to desperately seek out the services of a tailor. Start looking now. Ask friends and the personnel working in fashion boutiques and department stores who they would recommend. Some department stores have their own tailors although you may need to buy something from the store to use their services. Also, contact the local dry cleaners in your area. Some cleaners have a tailor on staff or can recommend a good one.

2. Choose Someone Close to Your Home or Job
Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a good tailor who lives close to your home or place of work. For a complicated job, you may need to go in several times to try the item on. If you tailor is located on the other side of town, this can be a real hassle.  Unless you work in the city, avoid using a tailor located in a busy downtown area with limited parking. Always keep convenience in mind.

3. Make Sure There’s Good Communication
When looking for a good tailor, you may find excellent ones who don’t have a firm grasp of the English language. Although they may be quite competent, you may not get the results you want if there’s poor communication. Choose someone who understands what you’re looking for.

4. Test Them With a Simple Job First
When you finally choose a tailor, give them a simple job such as hemming a skirt or a pair of pants first. Don’t be tempted to give them a stack of clothing to alter on the first visit. Make sure simple jobs are performed competently and with attention to detail before asking them to alter your best dress.

5. Ask to See Samples of Their Work
Most good tailors will have samples of their work on hand that you can use to judge the quality of their work. Inspect their work carefully to make sure it show attentions to detail.

6. Other Factors to Consider
There may be times when you need a clothing repair job done fast. Find out what the average turn around time is on alterations, repairs, and custom made clothing. A longer turn around time may be a sign you’re dealing with a good tailor since he or she has lots of clients, but if you need things done quickly a busy tailor may not be the best choice.

Of course, you’ll also want to keep costs in mind. Try to get a copy of their fee structure and compare it to the rates charged by other tailors in your area. You may pay a bit more for a good tailor, but the difference shouldn’t be enormous.

Once you find a good tailor, let them know you appreciate them. Treat them with the care and respect they deserve. They can make your life so much easier.

Plus Size Models Make Australian Fashion History

CityChic Sydney Plus Size Fashion Festival 2009Blitzing the runway at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival for city chic, on Thursday 20th August, in Sydney, Australia. The line up included Aussie plus size super model from New York, Elizabeth Green.

Eighteen size 14,16 & size 18 models blitzed their skinnier sisters out of the water with the first ever plus size fashion parade held at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival on Thursday 20th August 2009.

It was the first time such an event has been part of a major Australian fashion week.  The event  received an overwhelming response from both the crowd and the media, hailing the fact that it was about time to see gorgeous curvy women on the catwalk.

There was a definite vibe of excitement and fun in the air from the crowd and the models. The models owned the catwalk like they had been doing this for years, and there was of course city chic’s ’s closing model Laura who gave the crowd more then an eyeful when she tore off her skirt.

Phil Ryan, GM of city chic, says, ”It’s about time the fuller figured woman is represented on the catwalk.   We’re proud to stage these plus size parades as we’re actually showcasing the average sized Australian woman i.e. size 14!”

“Plus we’ll be showing all the hot items for Spring 09 – available in sizes 14 – 24. These are exactly the same as the hot items designed for size 8’s and 10’s because, at city chic, we believe every sized woman should be able to wear the latest fashion”.

“Our customers are sassy. They’re bold, they’re proud and they embrace their curves.”

“Our city chic ‘role models’ are Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and our very own Ricki-Lee Coulter – all fuller figured women who are happy in their skin!”

Hot stories in the city chic collection include:

  • Garden Party florals for Racewear and special events
  • Rock Chick for Clubbing
  • Ed Hardy exclusive items for city chic.

Check out some exclusive images from the City Chic plus size fashion show below (click image for full size view)…

CityChic at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival 2009

CityChic at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival 2009

CityChic at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival 2009

Stay tuned for more exclusive photos!

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