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Communion Dresses: What Do Plus-Size Girls Wear?

The following is a guest post by Janet Donahue.

Communion dress for girlsCommunion dress shopping season is upon us. This can be a really fun time, but it can be extremely stressful too.

Every year we see one group stand out as the most stressed – the mothers of extra-fluffy girls. (Our customers have expressed appreciation for our term of "extra fluffy" over and over again. It’s a little less insulting and better descriptive.)

These families soon found out when shopping that there are many Communion dress choices for the typical girl who wears a size 6, 7 or 8 – even a 10. Every manufacturer of girls’ dresses turns out white Communion dresses for the spring season in these sizes.

But not all girls are these sizes. In fact, our experience tells us that a very large percentage are not!

Who is the extr-fluffy girl? She is the one who is wider than most her age. Dresses that are the right length are too snug across the chest and waistline. She is not necessarily taller (though she might be, but then she may simply need a larger size). Frequently she is a girl who has not yet begun to develop a slimming waistline beginning her womanly shape. The garment industry assumes that a girl between ages 6-7 begins this slimming phase (thus creating the sizes 6 for pre and 6X for post) when the typical baby egg-shaped belly is thought to be slimming down.

But the vast majority of girls’ bodies are not on this prescribed time schedule. There may be times when a perfectly normal girl is in a "plus" size for a period of time until she begins this slimming phase. This should be seen as a momentary situation with plenty of alternatives – if you know where to look.

And, of course today we have many young people who are simply over weight. These girls need and deserve to look very pretty for their First Communion. In fact, with the modern stigma against being over weight, I think it’s especially important that these girls look their absolute best so they feel as special and as loved as they really are. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess!

All too often the family of the extra-fluffy girl scurries from store to store desperately trying to find a Communion dress to fit. They try on dress after dress after dress in larger sizes, but they don’t fit. Why? Because as they try larger sizes to get more width, the whole dress -especially the bodice – is too long. Nothing fits right. Frustration sets in and tempers flare. Eventually they become exasperated AND the wear date is fast approaching so they become desperate.

This scenario can be avoided entirely. This year there are more wonderful choices for the extra fluffy girl than ever before!

The first thing is to assess her size situation. Does she require a plus-size Communion dress? If you find that dresses that are wide enough fit all wrong every other way, you likely need a plus-size Communion dress. If so, head straight for the plus-size dresses. Don’t spend time looking over styles that won’t fit.

And here’s a tip: you will find more plus-sized Communion dresses online than anywhere else. Why? Because brick-and-mortar stores really don’t sell enough volume to justify ordering them and having them on the store floor. And, of course, everybody wants a different style. On-line stores can cater to your special needs.

Expect to have any dress altered to fit her perfectly before her wear date. Very few people – adult or child – actually fit a ready-to-wear size perfectly. Alterations in fit can make the difference between so-so and fabulous.

And be honest. If she is very large for her age, you may need to look beyond ready to wear dresses. Very few – if any – companies are now making plus-sized dresses for children beyond size 14 plus (or 14.5); some will go to 16 plus, but it definitely stops there. Why? Because these children have a very different shape than their "regular size" peers with requirements that cannot be addressed by ready to wear manufacturers. They frequently have sloping shoulders, sloping waistlines and disproportionately (to manufacturers) sized neck/arms to the size of body. If your child is in this category, head straight for a quality custom dress maker very early and have a dress made for her that will fit her properly so she can look her absolute best. Yes, this will be more expensive and will take several months (good dressmakers are always scheduled well in advance). But this is her one and only First Communion and she does deserve to look her best and feel very special.

The best thing is always to shop early – especially when you have special sizing needs. The next important step is to go where the Communion dresses you need are readily available. Nothing is more convenient – or offers more choices – than shopping on line.

Who is Janet Donahue?

Janet Donahue writes for "Perfect Dresses & Gowns for Girls" by The Perfect Pear where they offer a wide selection of regular as well as plus-size Communion Dresses – serving you with the best possible selection and reasonable prices since 1993.

Chic Curvy Office Wear

Plus size office blouseI must admit, it’s been a while since I had a look at the new items available at IGIGI, so I though I would take a look today and update you with what’s happening there.

Well… not surprising some very elegant and fashionable new finding awaited me at the IGIGI website… what struck me most are the gorgeous office blouses amongst their ‘New Arrivals’ section. Named ‘Portrait Collar Top‘ these blouses set a brand new standard for plus size office wear. If you want to impress your boss, or have that important meeting where you really want to leave a lasting, professional and elegant impression, do take a look at these.

Fabulous in style and flattering in cut, this blouse comes in a stretch finish cotton fabric, which provides a chic and comfortable ensemble for the office. The portrait collar opens up the neckline, balances off hips and draws attention away from the tummy. The
strategically placed buttons create vertical lines and draw the eyes upward toward the decoltage. Furthermore the princess seams elongate the overall silhouette for a slimming look.
This gorgeous piece is available in two colors: pearl and flintstone. Selling at $85, I think it’s quite a gem

New Inventory… New Look for Belle Avenue

Belle AvenueBelle Avenue has taken the word resolution to heart this year! They have started the New Year with a bang, by giving their online store a face lift. And might I say… it is looking great. The store has a much more clean and sleek look and feel to it now, and is quite user friendly. I am sure even the most non techie plus size lady could find her way around the store easily.

They have also added some cool features to the main page. First off clear buttons to different site sections are well placed, to easily get to what you are looking for. Newly added items are listed clearly as well. The have a funky new feature which they have dubbed ‘Connect’ which includes info on modeling, internships, as well as a featured artist of the week. Very innovative I must say.

Besides the new design, Belle Avenue have already recently added lot of new items to their collection, so do check them out today to look at the new inventory and the new site design. Well done Belle Avenue! Keep up the good stuff.

Oh and I am very glad you know ship to Europe as well. Two thumbs up for that!

Trouble Hanging Your Clothes?

XL HangersRecently I came across a very innovative product, which I had to share with you all. Don’t you hate it at times, when you look through your wardrobe for a shirt or coat, and when you find it you suddenly see big old hanger marks on the shoulders? This sometimes makes certain items un-wearable, and practically ruins to look of some items. Well thanks for Dennis and Cindy Anderson, and their cool product, all of that should now be a thing of the past. What am I talking about already? Get ready for XL Hangers!

XL Hangers offer the one and only hanger on the market that will leave no hanger marks in the shoulders of your shirts. Your clothing will stay hung up all the time, and bent broken hangers are a thing of the past. Anderson’s design, has shoulders that are wide enough to help clothes stay in place, and are naturally rounded to keep the shoulder lines smooth. They are heavy duty, and actually have a multitude of uses, even beyond clothing (such as storing linen for instance). They wont break with normal use, and actually fit many sizes of clothing. Perfect!

The hangers currently run in 6 different colors, and are available in boxes of 10 or 50 hangers. The hangers can easily be purchased online at However you can also find XL Hangers in a professional golf store called the Dicks Sporting Good Open Store which is located in the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City.

Plus Size Tube Tops

This week saw a brand new store be welcomed to the ever growing plus size clothing directory at The store I have added this week is a different one, in the sense that it is focused exclusively on providing plus size women with one particular item: tube tops.

Yes ladies, if you though you could now wear tube tops simply because you are curvy, think again. With, you can now get your hands on a tube top, in your size. TubeTops specialize in curvy tube tops, up to a size 3X. What struck me most about this online store is the fact that they can cater to your every needs. Should you require custom tube top to be made, they are there to help. Perhaps you would like to use a specific design, in a particular fabric; whatever it is you need, will listed up and cater to your needs.

Give them a quick visit today, and also have a look at their store listing on

Over 100 Spring Arrivals at Jessica London

Spring Apparel at Jessica LondonIt just might be my imagination, but are you already noticing the days already getting longer? Christmas has only just passed, but Spring is truly around the corner!

Jessica London are truly aware of that, in fact Spring to them has just arrived, with the addition of over 100 new Spring season plus size fashion items. Have a look at these new arrivals at Jessica London to get a glimpse of what Spring will look like this year.

Until Tuesday, 15th January you can also save whilst shopping at Jessica London. Get 20% off your favorite item just by using promotion code JLW4387 upon checkout.

Curvy Spring New Arrivals at Old Navy

Spring Plus Size Fashions at Old NavyOld Navy’s spring must have looks are now in! Even in the plus size department. With styles like ruffle tops, wide-leg trousers, and preppy sweaters you will look great in these fresh new spring season arrivals. All these new trendy looks are available in sizes 16 to 30.

Also, don’t forget that when shopping at Old Navy online, you can enjoy $5 shipping on all purchases.

Hawaiian Plus Size Line Launched

plus size Hawaiian shirtWave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts has been on a quest to produce fashionable Hawaiian shirts that slenderize the large and lovely woman, and their goal has finally been achieved.

Wave Shoppe’s quest started around a year ago when they received several requests from women who were looking for Hawaiian themes shirts to fit their fuller figure. They received several comments like “I really love the shirts on your website but I need a larger size,” or “I am going to a party and can’t find a shirt to fit me anywhere”. After several such phone calls and emails were received, Charles and Peggy at Wave Shoppe decided to move forward and offer shirts for plus sized women.

First they started working on finding a pattern maker that had experience in making plus size Hawaiian shirts for women.  After several lengthy meetings and sifting through test patterns, the perfect combination was chosen and samples were sewn up.

At this time Charles and Peggy had several women who knew they were going to make plus size shirts so they stayed in contact with them and actually sent them the samples created to try out send feedback on. So Wave Shopped sent off their newly created plus size samples to different sized women, who in turn were asked to rate the shirts on comfort and fit, besides other thinks. Charles and Peggy adjusted the selected patterns based on the suggestions received and thanks to the efforts and ideas of the selected women changes to the patterns were incorporated.

The next step was to find the fabrics to make the shirts. They wanted fabrics that were colorful, snappy and fresh. Most of all they wanted fabrics that would breathe well, feel comfortable and make future customers look fashionable.

After all the hard work, the goal was finally achieved! Wave Shoppe today are very excited and proud to announce the addition of their new plus size line of Hawaiian shirts. Their new shirts are colorful, fun and trendy. Do check then out at Wave Shoppe.

Charles and Peggy’s story is a wonderful example of online stores listening to customer suggestions and opening up their shop and business to accommodate a wider audience. This I am sure will definitely be appreciated by their potential plus size customers. This story should be an encouraging example to other clothing stores who might be receiving queries from potential customers to widen their selection. Listen to your potential customers!

Plus Size Christmas Fashions: Top 10 UK Stores

UK Plus size clothing storesThe holiday season is a great time, which brings with it a lot of fun activities, get-togethers and parties. So it also brings with it a lot of outfit changes for all the different occasions one has to attend. Be it a Christmas office party, a family get-together or a festive cocktail party among friends, there is a lot going on during the holiday season, so it is essential for women to be well equipped to face the holiday season in style!

A lot of Christmas fashions are available for plus size women online, which can help them make a lasting impression during any holiday activity they attend!

But where to start? Which are the plus size clothing stores available online which carry a good selection of stylish plus size Christmas fashions and holiday dresses? What are the holiday fashions available online, especially for women located in the UK?

The answers you seek can be found very easily, here in this article, as we will be pointing you to the top 10 UK plus size clothing stores. Within these stores you will be able to find a great selections of clothes to wear during the Christmas season, styles perfect for both casual and formal events.

All of the stores listed in this article are either based in the UK, or also offering shipping in the UK (among other countries).

  1. Simply Be: A favorite among shoppers, this online stores offers a very wide variety of apparel in sizes 16 to 30. Whether you are looking for items to wear during the day, at the office or during the evening, Simply Be is truly a one stop ship for plus size women in the UK. They also carry the exclusive designs of Anna Scholz, a designer offering beautiful styles for flattering your curves.

  2. Evans: This name should be familiar with many of the curvy ladies in the UK. A very popular high street store name, it is also good to know that Evans offers the same great shopping experience online. I actually think it’s even better, because you can shop through everything right in the comfort of your home, with your mouse in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other! Evans offers some very stylish options for curvy ladies in the UK and with different styles actually being made available very frequently, this makes it a great place to go to to update your wardrobe for the holiday season.
  3. Curvety: A great resource for all curvy UK women, if you have never visited this online store, do so now and bookmark the page! Curvety is a great little gem; it is an online shopping emporium designed exclusively for women with a fuller figure who do not wish to compromise on style. Their range of plus size women’s clothing and lingerie features comfortable, chic and designer items, offering UK curvy women fashion that celebrate their curves.
  4. JD Williams: This is a fashion and footwear catalog that is dedicated to offering excellent value through low prices. A wide range of items are found here including clothing for all occasions, lingerie, accessories and footwear. JD Williams can save you a lot of time, as they provide a very wide range of items, all under one roof. Sounds good to me!
  5. Love ISIS: A collection of stunning, sensual and glamorous curvy fashions in sizes 14 to 28. Expect nothing less when visiting Love ISISI. Carrying items from designers such as Kiyonna and IGIGI, this great online store offers plus size women in the UK a great place to find some exquisite designer pieces. From glamorous dresses perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration dinner, to chic outfits for an office party, make sure you visit and bookmark this store.
  6. Bosomy: UK based wholesaler of plus size clothing and lingerie, at Bosomy you will find greatly prices pieces perfect for both your casual and formal needs. Bosomy offers heavy discount on high street fashion clothing exclusively designed for curvy ladies.
  7. Spirito di Artigiano: Offering exclusive Italian fashions in sizes 14 to 30, Spirito is perfect for those ladies who love timeless classic styles and want to create a chic, sophisticated look. Sprito to Artigiano are passionate about sophisticated Italian fashion and work closely with key fashion houses in Italy to bring full figured women stylish, high quality clothes that are perfectly designed and shaped for curvy women in the UK.
  8. So Sienna: Specializing in fashionable plus size clothing for women sized 16 to 30, So Sienna carry items from various designers including: Missphit, Kiyonna, Anna Scholz, IGIGI, Monif C. and Z. Caravacci, among others. It is pretty rare to find a UK online store that carries clothing from such a great repertoire of designers, so do give So Sienna a look whilst shopping around. You will not be sorry.
  9. Curvy Diva: Another little online store which you might not be familiar with, but which is good to know about. Curvy Diva carry a number of varied items including casual and formal wear, lingerie and even swimwear.
  10. Cinnamon Fashions: A store dedicated providing good quality, continental fashion for stylish curvy women, for every occasion. Among the different brands you will find and Cinnamon Fashions, it’s good to mention the following: Mellimel, Chalou, Doris Streich, BS Casuals, Samm, Q’Neel and Kirsten Krog.

So if you are looking to create a special look this holiday season, and you are plus sized, there is no need to worry at all. With the vast selection of Christmas fashions available for full figured women online, shopping and finding what you need is a breeze. Even for curvy ladies living in the UK!

Torrid is Looking for a New Face

Torrid is giving plus size women the chance to be the face of Torrid. If you think you have what it takes – unforgettable curves and a shining personality, you may be the plus size diva that Torrid have been looking for.

So join Torrid at Redondo Beach, California on Saturday October 27th, to take your chance. During the event there will be:

  • Mini makeovers, provided by Smashbox Cosmetics
  • 20% discount on purchases made during event hours
  • Free goodie bags to the first 100 divas

Registrations for model search events will take place on-site, there is no online registration I’m afraid. The event starts at 10am shar. Make sure you bring along your best smile, and those curves!

Visit Torrid for further information on the event, including location!

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