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Guest post by Jason Phillips

Stylish Shopping BagsEverything on the person of a woman speaks about her to a room full of strangers. When a passer-by on the street glances at you, the apparel you wear, the accessories that grace your limbs, your footwear and your hand bag, all have something to say about your personality. Thus, shopping for a bag requires as much attention as shopping for a dress, if not more.

Think About The Requirements

Think about your requirements before you head to a store. What does your bag need to store for you? If you are a minimalistic person who needs nothing more than some cash, a mobile phone and lip gloss, you can opt for a trendy clutch. You can choose to hold it in your hands at all time or allow it sling by your shoulder. Clutches add a touch of elegance, and choosing one in black or a shade that most of your wardrobe is complemented by will allow you to make the most of it.

Different Type of Bags to Suit Your Style

Handbags are made of a wide range of materials, and it is your sense of fashion and ethics that recommends one material to you over the rest. For example, if you are an environment friendly person, you will want to opt for those bags made of cloth, jute or other natural products. With rich designs lending these bags character, you can now make a style statement with your bag.

If you are a person who prefers an organizational system, you will want to pick out a bag with distinct compartments. This will keep you from having to dig into your bag every time you wish to locate a pen or your business card. If efficiency is your style, a compartmentalized bag is a good way to assert your demand for organization.

Handbags with short straps are a rage among women. You can choose to hang them on our arm or by your shoulder, keeping it close to your body. Having a stunning designer bag hang on your arm, complementing your formal or informal wear is a picture of trendiness. The size of your bag, its shade and style can elicit groans of approval or disapproval, so take care to ensure that your bag contrasts your dress and matches your shoes.

You are advised to keep away from backpacks unless absolutely necessary. Choose a big bag with a broad strap that you can sling across your body, or pick out one of those seemingly bottomless bags that swallow all that you load it with, and still have room for more. Back packs do not complement corporate wear or trendy outfits – you will want to choose an alternative in big hand bags. Protect your tablet or net book by choosing a compartmentalized bag wherein you can devote a section to your gadget.

Bags come in a plethora of hues. If you are a woman who does not spend too much time on accessorizing and prefers a bag that goes with a large section of your wardrobe, you will want to pick out a black or a brown bag that is stylish enough to be paired with both formal and informal wear.

Leather bags are what you are looking for if you like relatively permanent materials. Designer leather bags show that you are a woman who appreciates quality and durability, and are not shallow to reach out for something that you know will succumb to wear and tear before you know it. Leather bags are highly appealing and their texture speaks of originality. Though comparatively highly priced, they are worth every penny invested.

Designer bags are advisable for all. Instead of splurging on multiple bags over a year, you may want to save up for a designer bag that tugs at your heartstrings. Bags manufactured by renowned fashion retailers bespeak elegance and add an aura of desirability. You will notice that designer bags come with a finish that suggests you are a woman who does not approve of shabbiness in end products.

Handbags are the most important accessories that lend character to a woman. You can pick out a simple yet sophisticated bag that reflects your persona, and the colors you choose add to the portrayal. A vivacious woman will find that loud colors are more to her liking while an introvert will reach out for dull shades.

If you are trail blazer, set your own style statements by experimenting with accessorizing your apparel. Mix and match as you see fit and create your own distinctive style that best reflects your personality. There is no dearth of options available in the retail world, and a range of designers cater to your needs. Instead of picking out a bag at random, give some thought to the needs that must be met by your bag, and determine the size and style that is required. Take your time in picking out the right bag, as your style can’t be compromised.

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