A Fashionista’s Guide to Motorbike Jackets

By on July 30, 2012
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Plus Size Biker JackerGuest Post by Emma Pearson

If you’re looking to add a dose of rebel-without-a-cause to your wardrobe this season, there’s no better way than with a black leather biker jacket. It may be the oldest trick in the book, but donning a leather jacket is an instant rejuvenator to any outfit, adding immediate edgy glamour to the most understated ensemble.

Perfect for this rainy British Summer weather, a leather jacket keeps you relatively warm and dry without resorting to digging out the Parka in July. Not only is a biker jacket practical, it is also extremely versatile. Whilst you may be reluctant to part with your cash for what may seem a pricy indulgence, a biker jacket is in fact an investment – if not a necessity. Biker jackets can be worn with almost any outfit and are a timeless fashion staple.
Before purchasing your biker jacket, there are a few pointers that you need to consider. Firstly, make sure that you buy genuine leather. Although they are without doubt more expensive, they also look better, last longer and feel way more comfortable.

Secondly, make sure your biker jacket is a good fit. Your jacket should be feminine and fitted to your shape to accentuate your waist.

Thirdly, buy a modern version of the leather biker jacket that suits your own personal style. What good is an expensive jacket that doesn’t fit with the rest of your wardrobe?
Go fifties style with wide lapels and a skinny fit or adorn a cropped leather jacket with a feminine dress to give the look an edge. Wear textured leather for an update of the old classic – quilting on the sleeves gives an authentic biker feel .

For maximum edge, pair a biker jacket with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and high suede boots. If you really want to go all out biker-chick, opt for some real motorcycle clothing with Beckham-style top to toe leathers! It may be best to skip on the helmet, however, unless you’re actually planning on riding a motorcycle that is.

Give your jacket a bohemian vibe with layers of necklaces or bracelets and a jersey dress, or wear with jeans and graphic tee to bring out your inner rebel.

Whether it’s a lunch date, a festival, or a big night out, your leather biker jacket will serve you well, and last you for years on end. If you don’t buy anything else this season- make sure this is one fashion staple in which you invest.

If you like the sound of bike jackets then check out this selection, just make sure you read this guide before you purchase any! What do you think of bike jackets? Share your comments below!

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