Have You Bought Your Aviator Jacket Yet?

by Guest Writer

Plus Size Aviator Jacket from Yours ClothingSome women take fashion more seriously than others. There are those who really do not care what they look like. Others will not leave the house unless they are positively sure that they look great and are wearing the latest trends. If fashion is important to you, then you may already be thinking about what you will wear during the winter of 2010/2011. So what fashions for women will be hot when the temperature cools down this year?  Suits, pencil skirts, pin stripes, oversized blazers, alluring black dresses, skinny pants, crewneck sweaters, faux fur, long skirts, knee-length socks and grungy layers featured in many of the popular designer collections winter of 2010/2011. There were also many military style coats for both men and women. Some of these military style coats have gorgeous buttons and are reminiscent of the Russian Tsar period of history. However if you want to be really hip when the weather starts to cool off, you should seriously consider investing in a padded aviator jacket.

Aviator jackets are usually made of leather or suede. The aviator jacket is an enjoyable item to wear because the texture of the material is yielding yet rough. Aviator jackets have a faux fur lining and a striking, oversized collar. Popular colors for the coming fall and winter season are nudes, warm browns and beiges. Alternatively you may wish to purchase a black or dark blue aviator jacket. The best aviator jackets for the winter of 2010/2011 are from the Burberry Prorsum collection. However a Burberry Prorsum aviator jacket will set you back several hundred dollars. If you cannot afford to pay for Burberry Prorsum, there are some attractive but less expensive alternatives available in bricks and mortar stores and online.

The aviator jacket is quite a masculine garment, so for women it should ideally be worn with something feminine. It is a good idea to wear your aviator jacket with a womanly dress (as in the picture above), a sexy skirt, long boots or a pair of leggings. Whatever you decide to wear with your aviator jacket, you will feel warm and look stylish. The aviator jacket is definitely the must-have item of clothing for winter of 2010/2011. If you like to look chic and cutting-edge, be sure to purchase yours in time for the cool weather months this year.

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  1. Moe says:

    No I haven’t but I definitely want one. I saw one at ASOS I really like.

  2. opal says:

    when i saw your web site claiming to be for plus size women, “I got excitied” and quickly logged on….only to once again be disapointed , why is it no one thinks there are woman larger than 4x? I fall in between a 5x-7x, and no where can I find clothing to fit (god forbid a swimsuit) , so I end up buying mens clothing..Will there be help for women like me?

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Opal… you are right! We have neglected to specifically pin point super size clothing options here at Pasazz.net… for that reason specifically I have now added this page: https://pasazz.net/super-size-clothing-womens.html – this page focuses specifically on listing online stores which offer clothing in sizes 5X and over. I have added some stores here that offer clothing up to size 12X! I will keep on updating this page with stores, as we find them. Thanks for pointing this one out! It was indeed missing at Pasazz.net, and I am sorry you have been disappointed here. I hope this helps you in your search. Feel free to contact met again any time if you could like more help. You can get in touch by using the form on this page: https://pasazz.net/contact.html Thanks so much!, Sarah

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